Tuesday, June 3, 2008


So Josh and I have been suffering from the soreness of the 10 hours of climbing we had done in the last couple of days. Yes, the Neuschwanstein castle was nice but our trip to the mineral spa takes the cake as my favorite part of our stop off in Reutte.

We were couchsurfing with a great woman, Elke, and when she heard we were sore she recommended we go to the spa. Sounds expensive-but once we realized it was less than 10 Euros each, we decided that was money well spent because we could use some healing salt water for a couple of hours (I also was a little relieved when she asked if we had bathing suits).

Here, a spa is access to salt water pools, saunas and a steam bath. All of the water is warm and at this particular spa, one of the pools had a salt content of 12% which means staying below the water took effort. There were all kinds of jets and bubbles and at the end of 2 hours we were relaxed and more re-energized than expected.

Really, someone needs to find special salt in Nashville somewhere so we can have one of these at home (or at least ship it in).

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