Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Pillow

I had completely forgotten about my pillow. Even when Greg asked what I was the most excited about having at home it didn't even cross my mind. But sleeping on my pillow with my pillowcase was amazing.

We are home and a little jet-lagged but nothing a nap won't cure (thank you freedom of self employment). We are anxious to see everyone so let us know if you want to hang out. Look for our Paris and London blogs in the next couple of day.


Keithan said...

Welcome HOME!

Nancy said...

So.. if you had to compare.. Europe's been far better, more interesting and astonishing than the US, right? ;)

joshntiff said...

Europe was far more interesting because it was new and there are so many things in such a tight space. There is also so much history there that we don't have here.

More astonishing? I don't know...the US has so many great things too they are just more spread out and harder to move from one to another :)