Friday, June 20, 2008

The Cold and Rain

Well today it was a rainy cold Paris day. Josh and I bundled up in our warm layer of clothes under our jackets and donned our ponchos and headed out. It was also windy so we walked around looking like marshmallows when the wind would fill up the plastic.

rainy morning

One thing that the rain couldn't ruin was this amazing sandwich that we had for lunch today. It was from this little counter place that our friends told us about (thanks Rory and Jeni) and it was to die for. Because it was a counter there was no where to sit and the rain made a park out of the question, so we decided to each in the subway like a homeless person-right beside a homeless person actually. By the time we were done with it we were plotting how we were going to get back down here to have it again for lunch tomorrow.

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