Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Still Not Fully Dealing

Some of you might remember that right before we left for our trip we participated in Express (an art festival for our church). Although I'm still not dealing with the window that fell to the ground and broke, I am moving forward with trying to recover some of the cost of that piece that is now in shambles.

Last night, we spent part of the evening listing 2 of our pieces on etsy in my shop and I think I'll add 1 a week for a while. I sold some scarves there a couple of years ago and I just love to browse through all the cool stuff listed by everyone else. So even if you aren't interested in stained glass, check out the other cool stuff at etsy-be careful it can suck you in for hours.

You can find people I know here and here as well.


Ty said...

I checked to make sure you hadn't listed my piece... lol

joshntiff said...

We wouldn't do that, we love it too much =)