Wednesday, June 11, 2008

2 Pros and a Con

So this hotel in Amsterdam is not going to win any awards. It isn’t so bad that we had to pull out the sleep sheets, but we are keeping our shoes on. It is definitely the smallest (6ft by 11ft) and it doesn’t come with any frills. So… we are presently sitting on a sidewalk stealing borrowing internet.

Overall, I am a huge fan of this city. It has a great vibe (I know the legal marijuana probably helps) and Josh loves how there are more bikes than people in this city. I’m not really sure how that works in winter, but it might be interesting to find out.

dutch parking lot

I also think I could get into the whole football culture here. Today Holland is playing in the finals (not the final finals, but the final 16) for the Eurocup and the whole city shut down. It was crazy, 8 out of 10 people were walking around in an almost offensive color of orange (a little like Knoxville) and now that the game has started you can hear people singing and cheering in unison all over the city. It is like our college football that has spread outside the confines of a university and just didn’t stop until it took over the entire country. I love it!

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