Friday, July 3, 2009

You Do What?

Since I started teaching piano at 14 I have had the most random jobs. And not random jobs one at a time, 5 random jobs at once.

My soiree with The Company led me to believe that "normal" people have two jobs at most. They work for their company and then they freelance on the side for themselves but its the same kind of work that they do for their company. No sane, self respecting adult has 5 different jobs at once.

We are sharing our life stories at community group and after I was done someone said "you have had the most jobs of anyone I've ever known." The thing they didn't know was I just hit the highlights. Just to be thorough lets make a list:

  1. Piano Teacher - 6 years in highschool and college
  2. Manager at Blockbuster - in college so I could watch all the movies I needed to to see for school for free
  3. Substitute Teacher - I'd go sleep in my car during my off period because 7:00 was just too early for me
  4. High School JV Basketball Coach - Just one season
  5. Knitting Instructor - 2 years
  6. Worked at a Yarn Store - 2 years
  7. Selling Scarves I made in boutiques - Faith Hill bought one of my scarves
  8. Online Bookseller - still have some books listed now
  9. Office Manager for FYK Architecture - I specialized in client relations for a man who only has 200 words to use everyday.

While doing most of those things I was also doing my video production work either for myself or for The Company.

My goal for 2009-2010 is to revive the tax return that includes at least fifteen 1099s and ZERO W-2s. This blog isn't called "Normal" right? What do you expect?

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