Thursday, July 16, 2009

Go Horns!

Tomorrow I go to the fabric store to buy fabric that will "hypothetically" become a quilt. Again, choosing colors FREAK me right on out so I will make Joshua come with me to help decide what's going in the quilt. You know he's going to love that.

Joshua knows if left to myself with this decision there is a chance I could turn into a mess in the middle of a very nice fabric store where some of his (or my) clients might be. So after mentally weighing the cost he'll decide it's actually a very smart business decision to join me.

Whatever! I need the moral support.

I think after a quick preliminary discussion a few days back we will be going with a nice orange color with blue accents. By no means will this be a Longhorn quilt but we miss being around a pleasant orange color so that is probably driving some of the decision. Hopefully they have enough options in the orange we are wanting and I can show you the spoils of the trip once we return.

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