Monday, September 14, 2009

Europe take Note!

I love when international trips show up on our front doorstep. I know so many people think we are crazy for letting strangers stay at our house but it's an opportunity so many people are missing. We get to see American culture through another country's eyes. We get to learn about how other people live and what is important to them.

Enter Germany!

These couchsurfers experienced a "game night" at our house and they also came with us to church. When we asked them how that compared to German church they said it didn't. They also said if they had a church like that in Germany then they would actually go. So if anyone wants to start a Fellowship Bible Church in Germany let me know and I have 2 names for you.

On another note it is amazing their grasp of the English language. They played Taboo with us. TABOO! Could you imagine playing taboo in another language?

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT GERMANY: You have to have at least 6 years of two foreign languages to go to university. So they learn German, then six years of English and still have six years of something else. I wish my kid was going to spend 6 years learning 2 other languages.

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