Friday, September 11, 2009

You still There?

It has been over a week since we blogged. This could be a record for us here at the "Outside of Normal" blog. Its not that we don't have anything to write about, it's actually quite the opposite. We have tons to tell you about but life keeps getting in the way.

Since we posted last we've had German couchsurfers, the last day to wear white pants has come and gone, we attended Youth Encouragement Services fundraiser dinner and took home half of the silent auction items, our community group got some new members and then today I watched Joshua be inducted into Rotary.

All of that comes with their own stories and hopefully this weekend I'll be able to write them all down for you. Until then I'll just deal with the huffs and puffs that happen when you stop by the site and the content hasn't changed.


Nathan said...

Rotary? Joshua, you are almost 30, not 60.

Lauren S said...

May I add that Mrs. Tiffany Fykes also received the Volunteer of the Year award for the McIver St YES at the silent auction/dinner due to her tremendous efforts with the tutoring program. And by tremendous efforts, I mean she revolutionized much more than making copies. :)