Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Joint Juice

I think I'm getting old. Or perhaps I should say, I think I'm starting to FEEL old. Two things have happened recently that prompt said "feeling".

1. After getting off a roller coaster, having not ridden one in 6+ years, my first words to Tiff were: "wow, do your joints hurt too?"

Apparently somewhere in the last six years my body lost the pliability necessary to ride roller-coasters and not feel like I just went through some sort of medieval torture known as the "bone rattler". Don't misunderstand, I still had a blast, they just aren't as pain free as they used to be.

2. My sleep has become much more delicate.

Let me expound. I used to be able to sleep through a category 5 hurricane without batting an eye. I once slept several hours past the time my alarm was set to go off....with the alarm blasting for those several hours. Thunderstorms - I called those "nap time". Now I find myself getting up half way through the night to use the restroom, waking up 30 minutes BEFORE the alarm even goes off, and after being asleep only an hour or two waking up suddenly. And I don't just mean wake up like "oh, that was a weird dream, let's see if I can roll over and pick it back up where we left off". NO, I mean "oh, let's get up and go jog a couple miles, fix some breakfast and then see if there's any wood that needs choppin" I'm not gonna lie, it's just a bit annoying, but hey this post is a product of just such an occurrence, and once we have a baby, no need for "IT'S YOUR TURN", I'll just be up anyway.

Feeding time? No problem, "how 'bout I knit you a blanky while I'm at it?"

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go get some laundry done.
Yeah we'll see who gets that worm now suckas!


Megan said...

I usually throw out the joint juice coupons I come across...should I start saving them for you?

joshntiff said...

yeah I do too. I might think twice next time.