Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh the Shame!

So in yesterday's post you heard all about how Joshua serves at church. This is his 3rd year to work in the 2's and he is totally the pro now. They actually made him "Volunteer of the Month" which comes with a parking spot and ... well I think that's it, but still it was nice to know that no matter when we got there we were going to have a spot.

All the women who run the children's programs just think Joshua is the greatest. They tell him all the time how everyone was talking about how great he is, etc, etc. I can just hear it now "Joshua signed up again this year. I just can't believe he's hanging in this long. I mean, his wife doesn't even volunteer and yet he still does it."

Yeah, every time I wait to pick up Joshua one of the ladies walks by and says "You have the greatest husband. You know there is a place to serve with him. You could join us whenever you're ready." My response to that was "Sorry girls, I'm upstairs teaching in 4th grade wish I could help you out." However, this year because I've volunteered to run the tutoring program for one of the Youth Encouragement Centers I decided not to bite off more than I can chew. So I'm back to church every week and I pick Joshua up in his two year old room.

I think I've grown up quite a bit because I know they wonder how their "Volunteer of the Month" could be married to someone who doesn't serve with him - and here's where the grown up part comes in: I don't care.

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Lauren S said...

ha ha ha - i totally know how you feel! you love to hear compliments about your husband because you know how great he is anyway, but sometimes they inadvertently make you feel like you have nothing to offer. :)