Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Joshua and I are all about the Pro/Con list lately. We have decided that too often we save the pro/con list only for large decisions. What about the small things in life? Don't they deserve a pro/con list as well?

Did we have a good "mini-vacation"?

PRO - Drove an amazing bridge between Kentucky and Indiana
CON - Discovered wooden roller coasters are more painful than fun now
PRO - Even if you have to walk around in your bathing suit, water parks are FUN
CON - Camping it what can only be described as the Holiday World parking lot
PRO - Unlimited soft drinks (and they actually had Dr. Pepper)
CON - Being a little stressed out about our dog dying of a heat stroke in the hot tent while we splash around in the water
PRO - The shows at the park sounding so lame we don't have to feel like we should stop in and see one of them
CON - Stupid work stuff blowing up during the 2 hours that my phone was in the locker
PRO - The park was the perfect size to see and do everything we wanted in one day
CON - That sinking feeling we got when the GPS said we were .2 miles from the park and we see NOTHING. Like we were going to have a National Lampoon's moment of arriving at this supposed amusement park and it was nothing more than a playground.

Verdict: The pros out weighed the cons.

See, now wasn't that fun?

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