Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mini Vacation

And when I say "mini" I'm not kidding. We left our house on Sunday afternoon and headed home from Indiana on Monday afternoon. However, no matter how miniscule the time away I think it was worth the trouble. Joshua on the other hand wouldn't shut up about how much stuff we had to pack for such a small trip. Turns out camping for one night involves just as much junk as camping for one week. On the upside we were able to test out our GPS on the open road and also test the "are we too old for roller coasters" question.

The GPS worked great but I think the answer to the second one is maybe.

We went to Holiday World in Santa Claus Indiana. This is the theme park that's advertised on TV every 20 minutes during the summer in Nashville. While you'll hear all about the free soft drinks you get, they fail to mention that the only roller coasters they have are of the wooden variety. We got on the first one pumped about life. And we loved it right up until you hit the bottom of the first drop which throws you right into a curve. I thought for a second my neck was going to separate from my spine. We got off the ride 80 seconds later feeling about twenty years older.

Did we ride the other 2 roller coasters? Of course! We didn't drive 3 hours for nothing. We just braced ourselves better and that cut the pain from a 9 to a 6.5.

After a quick lunch to make sure our dog wasn't having a heat stroke in our tent we hit the water park and that is where the whole trip was worth it. Turns out water roller coasters still make your stomach drop which is the sensation we love but without feeling like the next 45 seconds MIGHT kill you. We are now looking forward to a trip back to the Disneyworld of water parks....Schlitterbahn. Anyone interested in that trip we'll be planning it for summer 2010.

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ty said...

If it is the TX one we might be interested.....