Monday, November 8, 2010

Day One of the Rest of Our Lives

This is one loved kid. I mean he has fabulous parents but you should have seen the special mothers who have cared for him the last six months. They had written him cards, had gifts for him and couldn't stop balling and telling us how much they were going to miss him. By the time we left everyone but Ehren was crying.

Special Mothers 2
The way it works at Hannah's Hope is there are 3 shifts and in each shift the child has the same caregiver. That means he had 3 people who cared for him specially while they were there. The start that Hannah's Hope gave Ehren is unlike you see in normal orphanages and we will be forever thankful for the love and care he received in Taitung from his special mothers.

Ehren's Crib
I can't wait to show him the notes and cards that everyone gave him. Show him the videos of everyone telling us exactly how he likes to nap/eat/play. And most importantly I can't wait to bring him back here to see what a fabulous place he lived in for the first six months.

Fykes in Ehren's room

After leaving Hannah's Hope we spent some time buying the things we think we need for a baby. We'll see if we were right. We'll probably spend some time tonight googling stuff. Like do we need baby powder? What is baby oil for? You know crucial parenting knowledge.

Most of the day he was happy and playing but we had a small issue with a nap that I think he would label a catastrophe and that meant the rest of the day he wasn't his bubbly self.

It made for quite an interesting situation at the restaurant where we tried to eat dinner. Are they staring at us because we are Westerners with a Taiwanese baby or because we are Westerners with a screaming Taiwanese baby? We'll never know!


Ty said...

Y'all are a beautiful little family and I can't wait to see him. I am sure the feeling is mutual bc I am going to be his favorite uncle lol. His Christmas and welcome home presents will be waiting for him in Nashville. Y'all be safe!!

Jill Guinness said...

YEAHHH!! I am so excited for you guys - - what a lucky boy Ehron is! What a great start his first 6 months were too - - an amazing gift for a little boy!
Tiff (or is it Josh)...I love reading your blog - makes me smile and reminds me to pray for you guys and all families waiting for their kiddos!

Heahter Cartee said...

I cannot stop crying enough to read this! You guys look soooo natural and make a beautiful family! We miss you dearly and cannot wait to squeeze those sweet cheeks!!

Jeff, Abbey, Reed, Nash, and Will said...

So nice to see Lanny, Mei Mei, and SanSan. I miss them. They are such good people.