Wednesday, November 3, 2010

See You Guys in Taiwan in a Few Days

Our last day on the islands gave us a short reprieve from the rain. And when I say short I mean just long enough for me to be totally toasted. We continued on our quest of relaxation but we were able to snap a few photos without the rain.

The only thing missing is that you can't see the emerald water. This should just whet your appetite to vacation at Thailand's beaches - we don't want to take away all the surprises.

La Laanta-beach

Crab Circles

Ko Lanta-Josh & Tiff

La Laanta-Our Room

La Laanta-Courtyard

La Laanta is by far the most amazing place we've seen on the beach. Ideal honeymoon place and seems very family friendly as well. Tell your friends!


Nathan said...

You two live perhaps the most adventurous lives of anyone I know. Amazing stuff! And now to have a kid! But I might take issue with this statement: "...everything about how we live our life will slow and change."

Yes, everything will certainly change, but I don't care how fast anyone's life is BEFORE kids. AFTER the kids start to arrive, things start to go even faster. Don't expect a slowdown.

Especially with your history. Life will fly by! And of course, it will be excellent! Blessings!

Mary said...

Tiffany, this is absolutely gorgeous! Wanna keep our boys so we can go check out those bungalows?? I was thinking the same as Nathan about "slow and change." The days are gone in the blink of an eye! Can't WAIT to see Ehren and watch you morph into a family of 3! Praying for all 3 of you!