Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why I Wasn't a Camera Op

I have a really hard time documenting things when I just want to experience them. So sorry but you are left with very little pretty pictures. When we left for the afternoon I turned to Joshua and asked if we had the camera. Nope we had forgotten to grab it. But we did have 4 diapers, a bottle ready to be made and one content little boy with us.

Our last day in Taitung was spent checking out more of the aboriginal side of the area and learning a tiny bit about Peinan which is the tribe of Ehren's birthmother.

Peinan Cultural Park

Then we sufficiently freaked out our waitress at dinner. We decided to eat at the hotel and invited some of the Hannah's Hope staff to join us so we could eat family style to try a few dishes. They needed to eat later than we normally did and it corresponded with Ehren's play time instead of sleep time. Not a problem! We brought a blanket and laid it out on the hotel restaurant floor between our chairs and let him play while we ate. The first waitress laughed and then brought the rest of the girls to see what we were doing. It didn't seem that weird to us but they were very concerned that we understood that the floor wasn't clean. Hello, we brought a blanket - he'll be fine!

Josh & Ehren - Hotel Naruwan


Stephanie said...

I love how you guys are getting to spend so much time with the ladies from Hannah's Hope. What a blessing to Ehren to get to learn about the ladies that cared for him the first 6 months of his life. Every picture of your family just makes me smile! We are really excited for you guys, and pray the transition continues to go well.

And I totally laughed about the waitress thing. I get strange looks for just putting Samuel's food on the table for him to eat with his hands. It's not like he's eating off the floor. Oh well. lol

Lee said...

you forgot to bring your camera "AGAIN" ? HA~~