Thursday, February 17, 2011

Family Photos

You know what I love most about my job? All the amazing people I get to meet. One of my past clients gifted us with the best thing ever after we returned from Taiwan - family photos. Since our wedding we have never had more than a snapshot so this was such a treat. You can check out her website here and she has a great blog too (I'm actually going to write articles for it every once in a while).

But anyway without further ado...the things you came for.

Fykes under umbrella

Fykes Family Tree

Ehren's Smile

Ehren on floor

P.S. Joshua made the jacket he is wearing. Like sat down with no sewing experience one day and decided he wanted to make him something so he made this lined jacket with a hood and buttons. Turns out sewing is a lot like architectural model making.

Fykes in bay window

Ehren feet

My parents were actually in town when she came over to shoot so we have a bonus Felton picture as well. Ehren looks slightly terrified but I just love this picture of my parents.

Feltons with Ehren


Living to Love said...


Bergman Family said...

Love every single one!!!

Brooke said...

Beautiful, happy family! Great to see your parents too!! So sweet!

Lauren S said...

How wonderful! I love them!

John, Janna, Alana, Thomas, and James said...

I love all of the pics, but the one under the umbrella is my favorite! Great looking family. :)

deana said...

WONDERFUL cute..yes the one of your parents and Ehren is awesome.....we go to the states soon,so we can't wait for family pictuers!

Memry Smith said...

You guys look stunning, and wow. I am REALLY amazed at Josh's sewing/clothing design skills! I want to see more. You should open an FYK boutique.