Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where is everyone?

I think 2011 must be very busy for everyone I know. All the blogs I check haven't updated in quite some time. It feels good to look around and realize it isn't just me.

While we are adjusting to being parents we still don't have the concept of "don't make any plans until you have a babysitter" down. Last night we looked at each other and realized we hadn't gotten a babysitter for community group-that night. Luckily it snowed and we canceled group but we have got to get it together. It takes a lot more effort to plan something to do and when you're exhausted from juggling Ehren and work all day you just don't have the brain capacity to think about next weekend and what you want to do so you can get a babysitter in time. However, we are working on that and we'll be spending this Saturday night in a suite at the Predators game in our efforts to return to a life outside our house.

All that being said, we sure are enjoying the new member of Team Fykes. Sickness is no fun. Teething is no fun. Everything else we're good with.

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