Friday, February 11, 2011

Nashville Blizzard 2011

The Mighty Oak

We ended up with 2 inches so the title "blizzard" seems a little extreme, however, in Nashville's defense the snow did come in about an hour's time. It was absolute mayhem on Wednesday night. I had friends that left work at 4:30 only to get home around 8pm. Other friends picked their kids up from daycare and ended up with a screaming child in their backseat for 2 hours. Two hours of traffic AND a screaming baby! How in the world do you not kill yourself?

Luckily for us the commute up the stairs took no longer than normal. I refrained from tweeting or facebooking about our commute for fear of that mother spending the extra 2 hours to drive that screaming child over here to kill me. Even with the easy commute we did have a small scare.

One of our neighbors whom we love dearly had a triple bypass a few weeks ago and he was at the hospital for rehab when it hit and then he had to make his way home. We kept checking in on his wife as we noticed it was 8pm and still no Joe. 9pm and still no Joe. I don't know what we were going to do but she finally called and said she had talked to him on his cell phone and he was 2 streets away at about 9:30pm.

This morning still no car. I guess he had to abandon it and walk home. Hopefully walking home in the snow after sitting in a car for 5 hours was an acceptable rehab activity for a guy who just had a triple bypass. I would guess that'll set him back in his recovery but we are just so glad he is home.

We ARE going to learn from yesterday and we're gonna add a blanket and water and baby food to the supplies in our now bigger car.

Oh, did we mention we got a new car? We are now the proud owners of a VW Jetta Sportwagon. I am super sad to be selling the Scion but realizing we couldn't pick my parents up from the airport with the car we owned made us get serious about a new car. After much effort Joshua found one that gets better gas mileage than the Scion and we still have more room so it's a bittersweet win/win. We're selling our 30 mpg car for a 40 mpg wagon that will now have a gallon of water, a blanket and baby food in the back each winter.

Winter 2011 - driveway / pine trees

Winter 2011 - plants

Winter 2011 - Shed

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