Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's a Draw!

Our good friends Joel & Lauren visited over Christmas and they brought Ehren the cutest elephant that Lauren had sewed for him. We promised a photo because they had left their camera in Colorado. I asked Joshua to get a picture for them and this is what he took.

I think he missed the concept of the photo since I'm sure she wanted more of the elephant. However, he did capture how much Ehren likes to play with it.

There was a small wager made by the adults about what he would pull off first because it has ears sticking out, a tail, eyes, etc. You'll be glad to know everything is still holding on. He has pulled off half an ear and the tail is torn a bit but it is still snugly attached to the elephant's bottom.

Thanks so much for the great gift and the visit Joel and Lauren! Sorry we are about 2 months late on the photo!


Michael and Jana said...

Christian favorite toy is an elephant given by a friend as well. We have lovingly named him Enoch the Elephant. The ears and trunk are stained from Christian chewing on them at night.

joshntiff said... there's something about elephants, because Ehren has one that he sleeps with that is his favorite by far above all the other animals in his crib.

Lauren S said...

Aww you guys are sweet! I can't believe the tail has made it this long! :)