Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy 5 Years to Us

Josh and I are so busy working on our big 6 week trip to Europe that we completely forgot about our anniversary this year-TOTALLY!  We had already decided we weren't going to do anything special because in 2 months we are doing something amazing and don't want to spend any money until then.  It wasn't until I opened the ecard from my mom that I even realized it was the day we got married 5 years ago.
So unknowingly to us, this is how we celebrated our anniversary.  We got up a little late and we had a beautiful 3 inches of snow.
Then we went to an auction in our neighborhood where the snow kept people from coming and the house was almost given away.  Our friend (who wasn't expecting to buy a house today) almost won it.  I'm a little glad he didn't win though because if that auctioneer had stopped with his bid I know for certain we would have had to get him medical attention in the middle of his new house.  I LOVE AUCTIONS!
So now we are home.  We'll spend the rest of the day cleaning or messing around and then we're off to church and our friend's house for dinner.  
Really, it isn't a bad day for an anniversary but we just feel a little silly for completely forgetting.  At least we love each other a lot everyday so neither of us is offended if this one day was overlooked.  We'll make it a point to celebrate in Rome on May 8th or in Berlin on June 8th.

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