Sunday, March 23, 2008

We blame Ty and Heidi

They are the reason we haven't blogged recently. has nothing to do with the fact that we are lazy busy.  

We really enjoyed having them in town for a few days and the picture today is from one of the games we played with them (it is apparently the only game Ty liked so if you are looking for a gift for Ty run out to Germany or your nearest online dealer and buy him Carcassone).  It is also another trick we played to get a creative picture of Heidi.  She is only just now going to find out that the reason Josh moved all the pieces around was to perfectly frame the reflection of her face in our conference table.


So things we learned from their trip:

  • Corvette Factory puts out 115 Corvettes a day
  • The quickest way to clear out a party is to start the self clean on your oven
  • Josh couldn't design a creative Easter egg to save his life
  • Tiffany is really not a lot of fun when she has a hole in her foot
  • Frisbee golf is fun even in heavy winds (miniature golf is not)
  • Ty is becoming more and more like Dad with every passing day (except the picking weeds part, Josh picked that up somehow)
  • Stew and Soup are apparently not acceptable meals, EVER!



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