Monday, March 31, 2008

Our Two Houses

For like a year everyone has walked around thinking google is so amazing but I'm not going to lie to you-it wasn't until Saturday that I jumped on that wagon. If the market hadn't been closed and we had money laying around I would have spent the $440.47 for a couple of shares of that stuff after this discovery.

Every weekend we look up and map all of our garage sales and then head off and hope we can find them. Google just made that experience so much easier, or at least more fun. You can now do a street view and literally see the house you are going to. Not from above like a satilitte. I mean like you are sitting in front of their house. So, the discovery of this feature only led to more questions. When did they do this? How do they do this? How I can I get a cool job thinking up things like this?

Two college educations later (really 4 because we had friends over) we had our answer to 2 of the questions. We looked up our house/houses and thanks to our crazy life in the last 6 months we can pin point when they came through our neighborhood. In the picture of our house now you can see the remains of the original 1/2 bath in the front yard. That narrows it down to about a month (yes we had debris in our front yard for a month-take it up with Joshua). The picture of our old house has our cars in the driveway but no sale sign in the yard. That brings it down to just at a week. They came through our neighborhood the week my mom was in town helping us get the house ready to sell. I don't know how often they will update this but until they do it will be a record of the time we owned 2 houses.

Now on to question 2. How? Joshua figured that out. There is a feature where you can control the camera and he basically tilted the camera down and you can see the truck they drove around all the neighborhoods taking panoramic pictures. It is really the coolest thing so you go check it out. It is called street view on google.  See if your house is there.  On both of our houses they weren't exactly right on location and you always have to turn the camera around but it is still really cool. Enjoy!

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