Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Installment 2: Salem

So you've seen the downstairs, lets do the upstairs now.


 When we got the house this is what it looked like from the front door.  This is the "formal" living room and the dining room.  On the other side of the wall is the den and kitchen.  


This picture is in mid tear out because I got so excited about the idea of swinging a sledgehammer into our walls that I forgot to take a picture before we started.  Just FYI the novelty of tearing holes in your walls runs out about six to eight swings in.  So lucky for us, we had plenty of friends who would come take their 8 swings and eventually we had torn out all the walls in our house.

Joshua framed the new walls we wanted to make while architectural work was slow.  Then, praise God his work picked back up and this time around we got to hire people to hang dry wall, do the trim and even paint.  So in our last house the things that took us literally 15 months of our life working almost everyday after work was completed in about 2 1/2 months.  So here is the finished product.


We'll eventually have stuff on the shelves and I have a friend that is going to make us an art piece to hang over the fireplace. We are letting those decisions breath just a little bit since all the other choices had to be GO! GO! GO!

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