Monday, April 28, 2008


You know what those are? Those are fully packed backpacks 1 week early.

Okay, maybe I got a little excited, they aren't fully packed but they are pretty darn close. Plus, even if they weren't-the energy it took me to drag them out in the yard tells me they are done even if we don't think so. My next step is to weigh them in because we are only allowed 25lb on our cheap European airline. Plus, lets be honest-do you really see me lugging any more than 25 lbs on my back for weeks?

I don't!

So we watched Rick Steve's travel DVD last night (it came with our railpasses) to get in the mood and Josh is now totally psyched to hit the road. He vacillates between freaking out about the work he has to get finished and being totally pumped about the trip.

I'm still pretty stuck on making sure we have everything taken care of so I'm not to the excited place yet. I'm constantly trying to make sure we have everything paid we need to pay (see Friday's post), that we have what we need (I fit 18 hotel shampoo/conditioners into 1 quart size plastic bag), and that we know what we are doing (I read this and this and this everyday). I'll join Josh being excited once we pass through security without that quart size bag busting and without losing our picnic set that has a rounded tipped knife in it.

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Less Than a said...

Hi guys. Glad to find out more about my readers and wishing you the best of luck on your trip!

Two notes:

1) don't know which airline you're flying, but if RyanAir, remember that your 25kg allowance must be of the 10kg carry-on + 15kg checked variety so as to avoid getting charged for going overweight.

2) did you somehow miss the post on solid shampoos and conditioners? Save that quart-sized allowance for sunscreen and toothpaste!

Here's to safe travels and can't wait to read more about your adventures!