Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Making My Parents Proud

So...we had a slight issue with a restaurant receipt this month. Apparently we forgot to mark through the tip line at one of the to go places we ate at and someone decided to just add a tip for themselves. Maybe one or two dollars wouldn't have been noticed but they added 5.00 to a meal that cost 6.31.

How was this discovered? I try to check my receipts against charges on our account (this is the part where my dad smiles like a crazy person).

Once it was discovered we called the place to try to figure out what happened. The woman was NOT friendly or understanding and just told us over and over that her employees had never done that before. Even after faxing us the receipt with the bubbly writing and Josh telling her that was not his "architectural" handwriting she would not budge. 

She said she could do nothing. We said we were from out of town so we wouldn't ever be back in to use the "5.00 off a meal" she rudely offered as a "please shut up and leave me alone" after telling us she really didn't think we were owed anything. So we said, that is fine we just wanted you to be aware of the situation and then we did this (this is the part where my mother would be so proud).

The funny thing is if she had just been nice and apologetic we probably would have just eaten the 5.00 and done nothing. So...we are writing off the $5 as a business expense learning the value of customer service (no dad, we won't actually write it off).

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Ty said...

Thats how it is done!!! We will change the world one Felton at a time.... lol