Friday, April 4, 2008

This Week is Done

So this week ended my sewing class. Please note I am using the word class loosely because for me some things have to be true to make something a class.

1. The teacher must teach 
2. The teacher must be able to answer question 8 out of 10 times especially if they deal in the most basic knowledge of the subject "taught" 
3. At the end I feel like I learned something

I think that she would say she qualified for number 1-I say she tried but that is not her spiritual gift, number 2 was not the case and number 3-not so much either.

 (Also, just to note-I'm pushing these requirements with the English class I teach every Tuesday night but my students don't have to pay to come to class so their standards should be a little lower, right?) 

I used the class time as sewing accountability which is why I really took the class to begin with so it really was okay. But if you ask me it was kind of funny to go out in the hall outside my class and call my mom to ask her a sewing question but whisper so the "teacher" didn't hear me. Regardless, I have a couple of finished projects. I've already shown you the apron.

This is the money pouch that Josh and I are going to use in our backpack. I know that if I don't have a specific place for our extra money we are going to get back to the states with Euros in all the different pockets of our backpacks.

On a completely separate note it has been raining for days and it just cracks us up when Austin comes back in. She doesn't like to be wet, nor does she likes pictures so this is the best we can do. Happy April Showers to All!

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