Monday, April 21, 2008


So this morning at 7AM I wrapped my crew and went to catch a little sleep. My hours and days and worries all culminated in a quite successful tent revival where the biggest problem was we couldn't find a megaphone. We had 270 extras come be a part of the 1930s revival so they all had to go through hair & wardrobe and the guys that refused to cut their hair were sent home. It was a really great night that really couldn't have gone smoother.

Joshua came out and was an extra so it was fun to have him out there. I can't get the picture off my phone but you should see him with slicked back 1930s hair. He really pulled it off well. And I'm going to have to say the funniest moment of the night was a recounting of a conversation Josh had with an extra sitting by him in the movie.

The guy next to Josh leaned over to him and said "Do you know Tiffany?"

Josh: "Which Tiffany?"

Extra Guy "The one with the glasses it seems like you guys are pretty close."

Josh: "Yeah I know Tiffany." end scene

That was it, no explaination just "Yeah I know Tiffany." Josh always just give the necessary information without embellishment so I guess he considered us being married as embellishment. Interesting.

Anyway, whenever you guys see the Billy Graham movie come out in theaters watch for Josh in the big tent revival scene and think of this week of my life that it consumed. Now I can get back to "producing" our Europe trip. We leave in 2 weeks...eek!

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