Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nothing Pretty

Sorry guys our blog is being boring right now-we aren't really living up to the photos we were hoping for at the beginning. I have been sucked into movie world which is cool and completely frustrating at the same time. I bounce from computer, to set, to meeting, to computer, to the car, and finish up the night sitting at my computer sending out the emails for tomorrow at about 11:45 at night. But, in between all of that I get to sit at a table with all the "above the line" people and meet the heads of all the departments so I am NOT complaining. There isn't one person I knew on the crew when this started so everyone is a new contact which is worth so much more than the paycheck I'll get at the end of this.

On top of all that, we are still trying to get ready for Express and trying to finish up all of the architecture work before we leave the country. My scene will be finished on Monday at 5am so I'm sure I'll have plenty to share after that. Until then, maybe I can con Josh into taking the camera out so our blog will have something pretty to look at.

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