Monday, April 7, 2008

Smiley Weather

So this weekend was full and fun. Here's the Top Ten in no particular order:

1. We had couchsurfers. They were domestic but still new people none the less. Also the guy's mom lives in Paris and might let us use her apartment while she is gone-score!

2. We went to the theater and saw 21. Don't bother if you've seen the preview you've seen the movie

3. Had dinner twice with the Smiths-yep we like them that much

4. It finally stopped raining and I got to wear short sleeves

5. Found a shirt in my closet that would work as the missing element to my Europe packing

6. Bought the rest of our remaining Europe supplies at Walmart, Target and REI

7. Had lunch with our long lost Barclays-we've never had 2 hours go by so quick in a Ruby Tuesdays

8. Walked our neighborhood in our packed Europe backpacks and found out we haven't over packed. That's a good thing because we are taking like 10 things each so we didn't know what we would leave out if we have to.

9. Ran into a potential remodel client we met with on Friday in the "real world." I don't know this for sure but I believe that ups the chances of us getting the project. I'm going to start formal research on that and become rich and famous on my findings.

10. Went to church where Josh worked in the nursery-no great stories this week but it did have him wondering what a miniature Felton/Fykes would act like

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Josh said...

Joshua, My name is tim fritsch, I met you on saturday night in the two year old class. (im not two, that would be levi fritsch.)

I stumbled across your blog looking for info on your practice. I have had more luck finding info on you than you would have had finding info on me, as there is none, (on the internet anyway) which is why Im writing this run-on sentence.

I would love to chat with you about building, as an architect and a builder can often use one another. i will catch up with you on saturday, or if you catch this post, you can email me at and I'll send you a few major "before and afters" of recent work.

thanks for your time, and I enjoyed reading a few of your life stories!