Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Tentative Plan

Many people have been asking us...where are we going in Europe? So to give my mom something tell her friends when they ask here is a quick rundown of our itinerary. If you have been before and want to give us some advise please comment to your hearts content, we have no reservations so we are 98% flexible.

LONDON for one day travel recovery
VERONA for a half day then hop a night train to Rome
ROME-3 days
PISA-half day
BOLOGNA-1/2 day
VENICE-3 days
Somewhere to Relax-one day
VIENNA-3 days
MUNICH-2 days
PRAGUE-3 days
REUTTE-2 days
Somewhere in Switzerland Mountains-3 days
NURMBERG-half day
BERLIN-3 days
PARIS-3 days
Back to England, maybe Bath-2 days
LONDON-5 days

We have the 5 days in London at the end so we have some flexibility in the middle. So if you see something we are missing let us know. We are 2 weeks and counting.


Nathan said...

So I hope you don't think you're being stalked, but Stephanie and I have been peeking at your blog for some time, keeping up with your remodeling projects and such. We are much impressed. As for your your plan, it looks like a great trip. I'm trying hard not to be envious. My two cents: When in Switzerland, try to make it over to Vals, to the Thermal Baths by Peter Zumthor. A hotel is also available there. Secondly, it looks like it might not fit conveniently in your plan, but I would really recommend La Tourette. How often do you get to stay at a monastery and hang out with monks? But it will be an incredible trip regardless. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

If you have time...I would recommend going to the Lake District in Northern England. It is one of my favorite places on earth and it is where Wordsworth lived.

And Bath is a good relaxing day trip. The beach is rocks. I like that.