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Myspace-April 25, 2007

The Flood of 2007

So Monday night we had what will now be referred to as the "Flood of 2007". This is very different yet reminiscent of what we call "Flood of 2004." Now we didn't know most of you back then so you won't remember it. Basically, about a month after we moved into our house we were using the basement to store a lot of stuff while we demolished well, half our house. One day it decided to rain and didn't want to stop and about 3 days into the storm we went into our basement to discover water-knee high (not to worry anyone who is thinking about buying our house we got that fixed). There is really nothing like wading through water in the dead of winter trying to salvage your stuff.. That day also did include quite a bit of yelling because this was just the kind of thing we had never dealt with before plus stress can do that to Josh and I.

Here is how we deal with stress:

1. I begin to laugh hysterically

2. Josh gets mad at me for laughing

3. I get mad at him for getting mad at me

4. see above.

So that was "Flood of 2004." Enter "Flood of 2007." Josh and I were fixing dinner and of course it was just finished and we were about to sit down and eat. Josh went back to the back of our house-which is really only about 20 feet and you never lose sight of the kitchen, but back of the house just sounds better. He saw standing water in the bathroom and called me in to investigate. Neither of us could pinpoint a recent time when we had "clogged" the toilet so we couldn't figure out where the water had come from. In the process of trying to figure out the problem-the plumbing backed up all over the back of our house (yummmm).

Now this flood didn't involve as much yelling because I never once laughed hysterically, and we didn't lose any belongs so I would definitely say the "flood of 2007" was a better experience than the "flood of 2004" although I don't think I'm going to recommend either experience as something to put on your list of "Things to do before I die."

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