Thursday, April 3, 2008

Another Thing With The Hands

In our spare time we are now feverishly working towards an arts festival our church puts together each year called Express.


We should have a total of about 9-10 new completed pieces that we designed for the event. Just another thing to throw in the mix of stuff we're working to get done before we leave the country. This is one of the pieces nailed up ready for Tiff to start soldering together. Tiff and I both design, then Tiff traces, I cut & copper foil, then she solders (must be a woman's touch, 'cause I can never get a joint to smooth out like she can)

I thought I would share our other "hand"y craft. It's a bit of a family tradition, Tiff's grandfather did stained glass as a hobby and did some fairly ambitious pieces in his day. We inherited all the paraphernalia and a pretty good stash of glass because we wanted to learn the craft. So here we are. We do it as a hobby mostly, we have yet to receive payment for any of our time or work, but maybe after Express that won't be a true statement anymore.

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K said...

I need to talk to Miranda about this - but I want to get you guys to design a glass piece for our house. I LOVE what you guys do.