Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring is Sprung

DSC_0078 After a brief dip back into winter weather, the past couple days have started to really feel like spring. We've been taking breaks from work whenever possible to get outside and enjoy the sun. Naturally, Austin tags along.........with her ball. What better way to enjoy a bit of sun? What I love most is when she treats the ball like a trophy, some dead animal she has conquered, and proceeds to roll over it and thrash about on her back in it's vicinity. Yeah that ball is soooooo dead, and you are by far the toughest dog anywhere near the ball.

DSC_0082 DSC_0089

Austin has made a new friend, suprisingly. If you know Austin, you know she's got a bit of "only dog syndrome". Which is another way of saying she's a bit socially retarded and doesn't make friends easily. However, she met a terrier down the road a few weeks back and they hit it off. I think the secret to what makes their friendship work is the fact that "he" (I forgot his name-Jack I think) is restricted to his yard by an invisible fence. So they chase each other around the yard like they're running from a small child trying to pet them, but Austin can just step out of bounds whenever she wants to feel in control and kinda say "yeah that's right, I dare ya".

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