Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Architecture by the Bottle

I love the idea of taking an object or a piece of history and using those items or ideas to develop details of a design or concept. The wine rack above is a detail from Circa restaurant in Memphis, TN designed by 3SIXO architects. The modular design serves as both screens, creating privacy for diners as well as storage for wine bottles. Simple idea, we need storage for our wine, we need privacy for our patrons. Two birds, one stone. They could have just as easily designed privacy walls and wine storage independent of each other. I think the combining of the two creates a new beauty, an added layer.

Johnsen Schmaling Architects used the history of the Blatz brewery company as inspiration for it's conversion into a mixed-use building. These pivoting walls of bottles from the brewery act as both a door and lighting element.

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