Thursday, March 12, 2009

I usually hate the trip

Until last week I have never had a trip to Memphis that I liked. Every time I have gone the traffic has been HORRIBLE getting there and most recently someone was shot around our hotel. I'm sure Memphis is a great place, however, my experiences have been memorable but quite short of enjoyable.

I got a call while we were in New York for a small gig for a couple of days. The guy who hired me actually said "Hey I'm going out on the road with this band and I need a tele-prompter. Who do you rent from because I'm sure you don't want to be on a bus full of guys for 2 days?"

Tsk, tsk! How little he knows.

I jumped at the job because
A: boys don't scare me
B: it was work
C: that sounds like an adventure to me.

I went into this totally oblivious about where we were going and had very little idea what we were doing. Turns out that was perfect because I would have been dreading the trip to Memphis and it was totally painless. I seriously might make a tour bus my standard mode of transportation to Memphis because it was perfect. We hung out in the back lounge, watched TV and napped in the bunks and that my friends, is the way to travel to Memphis.

As far as the gig goes, the toughest part of the trip was finding a place to shower on Friday. "The band" was playing at sports arenas and I had NO interest in visiting the rooms labeled "Locker Room." I seriously doubt they had the modesty clause like the YMCA. Early in the morning (you know, like 10 am) I found a dressing room that was unlabeled and hoped that for the next 10 minutes no one would come in and freak out because I was using their shower. I made it through without any yelling although when I was done the room had been labeled for the opener's band so I quickly made an exit.

I could totally live on the road 2 days a week. I did it for 2 months and that'll kick your butt AND make you crazy but I think I could adjust to 2 days a week on the road. So you let me know if you need a producer, writer, tele-prompter operator, designer, tutor, knitting instructor, office manager, or soon to be realtor to travel with anyone for 2 days a week. I'll even go to Memphis!

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