Monday, March 16, 2009

Computer vs. Reality

In anticipation of our "tour of home" we decided we needed to execute whatever we were going to do in our hallway. The original idea was to use the different pictures of doors from our Europe trip, however, we quickly learned that you can't frame in camera a picture to be 4 x 6 and then blow it up to 8 x 10.

You might think 2 college educated people with a high level of understanding of math would have realized that. Or maybe a 4th grader!

With that idea put to bed (after an indeterminate amount of yelling), our hallway brainstorm led us to embroidery hoops that held fabric. I had seen that as an element in a wall arrangement and I thought it would work to just make that the whole installation. We spent the last month collecting hoops and fabric. Then, while in NYC I saw a store that had a wall covered in the exact idea. I love NYC when it validates my ideas!

Joshua totally geeked out on this project and made us a 3D model of our hallway and arranged the different sized hoops so that we could really see what it was going to look like. He even went one step further and found online samples of the fabric or scanned in the fabric so that we could make good fabric choices as well.

Here is his model:

Wall Hanging-model

Here is reality:

Wall Hanging-cropped

That is home design 2.0


Lauren S said...

It looks fabulous! I've had my eye out for some wall-decor fabrics for a while, but I never would have come up with something that creative!

Stephanie said...

That looks great! I saw this idea a while back on another blog and saved it as a bookmark for future reference (probably Lucy's room). And props to Joshua for using his computer skills.

joshntiff said...

Thanks Stephanie-

I thoroughly enjoyed geeking out on the project.


Stephanie said...

I know I'm really behind, but that looks really cool!