Friday, March 27, 2009

The Two T's Head Off

So we have spent an equal amount of our adult life in the two US states that begin with "T." One of the car games Joshua and I played on our fifteen hours south was a comparison of those states. Here are our findings:

Texas has Whataburger and Schlitterbahn

Tennessee has lots of tall trees and their leaves change colors

Texas is dead and dry most of the year

Tennessee has a poor public education system

In Texas there is state pride

In Tennessee you can open your windows for 2 months every year

Texas has access roads and frontage roads

Tennessee has great hiking trails and history

Texas has TexMex

Tennessee has the Smokey Mountains

You have to drive through Pigeon Forge to get to the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee

You have to drive forever to get anywhere in Texas

Can you add anything to our list?


Anonymous said...

Texas has your parents (Tiffany) & your piano!

Lauren S said...

How about flat vs hills?

Nathan said...

Tennessee has Dollywood; Texas has Driftwood. University of Texas Orange is Burnt; University of Tennessee Orange is Sissy.

joshntiff said...

Very well played sir.