Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dear Lock Service Guy.....

Thank you so much for quoting me an outrageous amount of money to come unlock our car after I locked my keys inside. Especially since you are literally two blocks away from our house (seriously dude, I can almost see your van from our front yard). I know it was a Saturday night, but I'm glad I did not agree to your ransom to free our car from bondage. As it turned out, it ended up being one of my better decisions. By standing firm and not succumbing to the fear of "Oh no! How shall we survive? What if we need to drive to the Walgreens at 2 in the morning?" I allowed myself to rise to the challenge and learn a lesson on determination, focus and just being a better man.

I know, big wup, I got my car unlocked. You weren't there though, and because of that I was totally in the zone. It was a thing of beauty. I got my wire hanger. I made a hook. My first try at pushing the unlock button....failed.

Not to worry, I pulled my wire out, re-grouped and developed a new strategy. I'm going after the lock latch itself, I'm making this wire a freakin' finger that is going to unlock that bad boy. Oh yeah. I get my wire finger on the latch and start pulling.....the wire bends...not enough rigidity.

Ok, ok, re-group. Third times a charm right? So I re-design my finger to make it stronger and I go in again. I'm getting into position, my wire finger is grabbing the latch. It's like a scene from Mission Impossible (yes I know that was a horrible, horrible movie. you got a better reference?) Anyway, so I start pulling very, very slowly and just when I think the wire is going to start bending again, the lock starts to move and before I know it I'm seeing red, which as everyone knows, means your doors are unlocked (also that you're looking to murder someone, but not for this story).

For a few seconds I stood in disbelief, motionless....I actually did it. That really just happened. When I came to, I went upstairs and did a victory dance for Tiff. It went something like THIS


Anonymous said...

Beautiful close. I love the dancing video. Well done Joshua!


joshntiff said...

you should have seen MY dance


Keithan said...

THAT was awesome. Enjoyed lunch yesterday!

sam said...

i totally thought you were going to link to chandler's dance! ha.

joshntiff said...


I totally was, but I couldn't find a clip of it. We were on the same wave though.