Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our Empire

I think there is a true advantage to some time without billable work in a business. Since Joshua and I have decided we are staying in Nashville we have dug in to the marketing and networking side of things and have become machines. Without realizing it we are working 10 to 12 hour days.

Step one is the development of a business blog.

We are trying to get that up and running technically. In the meantime, Joshua has cranked out some great designs and has 7 articles in the bag for that. I know you just can't wait.

The other part is planning and dreaming for the future of our business.

When we started FYK Architecture we didn't have time to really do much planning. I was still working at Lifeway and Joshua had too much to do all by himself. After I came on board we worked with Scott Lee to visually develop the brand, but that was it. This week we have made it our job to write mission statements, make larger plans and start setting our company up to be bigger than it is right now. Its only Wednesday and we are coming along swimmingly.

The big decision of the day is our plan to develop the FYK name and brand to encompass our future ventures. That means that FYK Realty Group will be forming shortly. Luckily, we decided this the day before I officially designed my business cards. Normally this would be a conversation we had the day after we got them back from the printer.

Score 1 for FYK!

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