Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not for Everyone

I love HBO shows. I think they hire some of the best writers. I know they also allow more raunch than some people can stand but professionally I just think they do TV better than most.

After our discovery of the library Joshua and I have been catching up on all the HBO shows we have never seen. We started with Six Feet Under. We had it on good authority that it was the best ending of a TV show. Now I took this to mean that I was going to love the last season. I want to clarify this for everyone. You are not going to like the last season, however, the final episode (more exactly the last 10 minutes) is worth all the hours you spent watching the last season.

It is so simple and if I told you how it ended you would say that it was too cliche, but it isn't. In the moments when you are watching it you are just taken in. I still can't believe how much hope this very dark show gave in it's final moments.

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