Friday, May 1, 2009

Poker Face

This week we kept the 6 year old we rent occasionally for a full 3 days. Every time we keep him I am just astounded at what a good kid he is. I know our kid will not be as calm and laid back as this one. I believe I was considered a "handful" and Joshua had/has this ridiculous nervous energy that stresses him out over the strangest things. He threw up almost everyday for the first few months when we were dating because of nerves. So yeah, our kid is going to be high strung and never able to just sit and play alone.

But anyway, enough about the fictitious terror that our child will be.

The only issue we have is even really good kids lie occasionally and because he is only here once every couple of months I don't know his tells. I have to trust that when I ask him in my I'm an adult and if you don't tell me the truth this could get really bad for you voice he tells me the truth. I really need to remember to ask his mom for his tells so that I don't have to pull out that voice quite as much.

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