Friday, May 29, 2009


In the spring and the fall Joshua and I usually set a date for when the air conditioner or the heater can come on. Until that date we just have to bear with whatever happens. This year we decided June 1 is the first air conditioned day of the summer and so for the last few weeks we've been pushing through some really warm afternoons. Yesterday I decided that our life would be so much better if we would get a box fan.

Hands down best decision of the week!

The last few days I've been wearing sun dresses in the house to keep cool and I just had to go put on pants, socks and cover my shoulders. It is literally 4 degrees cooler in our house today than yesterday. To be fair it is cloudy but the temperature is exactly the same.

One little box fan in the window and I am shivering. I can't believe it. I thought it would be bearable but I never knew how much difference it would make. At this rate we might push back our AC date to June 15 just for good measure.

Tonight we won't have to eat our dinner in the basement and the dog is no longer forced to lay spread eagle on the hardwoods to get cool.

Moral of this story: a)I am an idiot for not doing this sooner b) everyone go run out and buy a box fan and turn off your AC - its amazing!

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sam said...

our new place has 3 ceiling fans and they are making a HUGE difference!