Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bienvenido a Bangkok

After one and a half days of traveling and another day of accidentally falling asleep as soon as we arrived, we are glad to report we have survived our first day in Bangkok.

First off it is nothing like we expected. When we compare it to all the other places we have been it is closer to Port au Prince and Lima than anywhere else. That's not bad at all but just a little unexpected.

Near the Standing Buddha

We spent the day yesterday being "scammed" by a tuk-tuk driver which just means they drove us around and stopped at certain shops where they get commissions.

Tuk Tuk

However, along the way we got to see a lot of the buddhas around the city and so I wouldn't call it a lost cause. I would say I'm all good on seeing buddhas though.

Standing Buddha 3

Golden Mount 2

Golden Mount 3

In other news I keep trying to speak Spanish to everyone because apparently when I'm in a place where they don't speak English I just switch into Spanish. Turns out it hasn't been helpful so far.


sam said...

oh you're there! and alive! how's the food?

joshntiff said...

Mixed reviews so far - street vendor meal was good but couldn't get down more than one bite of my restaurant meal last night. Joshua thought I was being dramatic but almost vomited as well after trying my cashew mushroom dish