Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our Next Big Adventure

I'm not talking parenthood. That's the big adventure our next big adventure is going to take us to but first we have a pit stop in Thailand...maybe.

If you think the last sentence was confusing you wouldn't imagine how it feels to live it. We still don't have a firm date to pick up Ehren. However, we leave North America for Asia in just over 48 hours.

As we got our final decree and everything seemed to be pointing to our traveling to get him in early to mid October we began to wind down our business and stop finding new clients. By last week we had kind of closed up shop and were just waiting around for the call. We finally decided why not wait for the call on a beach in Thailand. You can live well for like $50/day over there and we're already paying for the huge plane ticket so we started making plans for a few weeks backpacking in Thailand complete with elephants, snorkeling and Thai cooking school.

We are packed for those plans.

There is also a chance we could be at the orphanage in no less than a week and be handed our son. Since we have a layover in Tai Pei we may just jump off the plane there if we only have 2 days before we have to be in Taitung to pick him up.

We are packed for those plans and Ehren's suitcase is twice the size of our backpack.

So traveling in true Fykes fashion we are packed for anything and have reservations for NOTHING. I have a list of hotels to contact if we end up in Bangkok and I'm working on my list if we jump off the plane in Tai Pei. Hopefully we know which country we are going to end up in before we taxi away from LAX but there is a very real chance we don't hear anything and have to wait until we arrive in Tai Pei on Wednesday morning. Stay tuned...I know I will!


Tonya said...

All I can say is "WOW". I can't wait to see how your journey unfolds! Enjoy Taipei and Taitung! I loved it when I traveled for Janie and cannot wait to go back for Lexie (soon, hopefully very soon). I have first ruling, now just waiting for that final decree.

Be safe!

Lauren S said...

Yay! We're so excited for you! But no couchsurfing??? :)

Anonymous said...

so crazy and so exciting.
-Brian Peterson