Monday, October 25, 2010

If you think dogs in clothes are weird

Today we headed to the Chatuchak Market far north of town. This is a huge market where the Thai go to do a lot of shopping. I expected it to be a tourist spot but this is a local thing. The part of town we are staying in probably has a 10 to 1 ratio of tourist to Thai and the market was probably 1 to 4 so it was a nice change.

Chatuchak market 2
I love that every tiny booth has a name, address and most of them have a logo. Now you may be thinking I'm using the word huge loosely but there were thousands of booths selling anything from popsicles to furniture to ...

Chatuchak market 3

That's right internet, you can own a bunny in a dress.

We planned to spend the day there but after 3 hours I was beat, lost and sooooo hot which meant one taxi ride later we were cooling off in the pool before lunch.

Oh, lunch! Can I tell you how good real Thai curry is? Neither Joshua nor I really like curry but we decided to be true to the experience so we had green curry for lunch. Amazing. It had such a clean flavor and if they would cook their vegetables just a little more I think I could eat it everyday. We were on the fence about a cooking class once we got to Chiang Mai but lunch pushed us over the edge. We must come back to America knowing how to make that.

Hope you are all doing well. We can't wait to get to Ehren but if we're going to have to wait 2 weeks this is most definitely the way to do it.

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Heather and Carl said...

We miss and love you guys!! Praying for baby Ehren and you two to come home soon and safe!!