Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thai Cooking 101

Did we make the perfect curry paste? Nope.

Did we give it the college try? Absolutely

Thai Cooking School-Joshua cutting ingredients

Thai Cooking School-papaya salad

Thai Cooking School eating

We do know enough now to attempt pad thai, 2 different kinds of stir fry spring rolls and in theory we can make curry paste from scratch. We also know that I don't like pumpkin in coconut cream. Well worth the time I think.

With every passing day we are noticing that we don't come across many Americans. Like none. We've met all kinds of Europeans, Canadians and plenty of Aussies but our country is poorly represented in this side of the world. I don't understand how we could have met two separate groups from Belgium in two different parts of Chiang Mai but not a soul from the States. It's crazy!

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