Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Two Sides of Bangkok

We started the morning at the Grand Palace. It's my understanding the king and queen don't reside there anymore but it is still the place where he's coronated and all kinds of other grand ceremonies that require a canopied throne which we aren't allowed to photograph.

Grand Palace 2

Grand Palace

Grand Palace 7

I loved all the sparkling colored glass but Joshua was most impressed with this chunk of stone.

Grand Palace 6

He said it made him want to go see Angkor Wat in person. For me, I felt like I had a pretty good view from here.

Then there is a New York side of this huge city too. There are still walls around all building - the windows are all gated at night but wow are there buildings.

We hit Siam Square which is around what I would say is the fashion district. Tons of small shops by designers along with a huge mall called "MBK."

MBK Center

Then there was also this restaurant in the business district.

Moon Bar @ Vertigo 5

Moon Bar at Vertigo was most definitely worth the 160 Bahts for the taxi and then 700 bahts for something to drink.

Moon Bar @ Vertigo 4

Special thanks to Ian from upstate New York for sending us this way.

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