Wednesday, October 22, 2008

41 hours to Lift Off

I leave for Peru on Friday morning early - no REALLY early.

I mention my absence because this means that Joshua is in charge of the blog. I have pitched a couple of ideas for him, but we'll see what happens. I also pitch eating at least 2 meals a day while I'm gone but that has yet to stick so I don't have high hopes for frequent posts.

As far as Peru, I'm ready to go. I have packed everything I'm taking in my Europe backpack so that I can carry-on and that leaves both of my checked bags for mission trip supplies.

Last night when I told my team I only had a carry on. By the looks I got I think they heard "Hey Guys, Decided I'm not going to need my right arm so could someone help me with cutting it off?" I tried to explain that I lived 6 weeks out of the bag but it didn't seem to compute. I know they think I'm crazy and you know what?

I love it!

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