Saturday, October 11, 2008

If you could only see one game

It is hard being in Tennessee where you can walk around having no idea that this weekend is the Texas/OU game. Joshua and I were minding our own business and just happened to turn on the TV to find the TX/OU game in full swing. We of course threw all our plans out the window and have been watching the game ever since.

Let me say it has been an amazing and crazy game which always seems to be what the Cotton Bowl tradition becomes. There have been awful calls, amazing passes and even stranger touchdowns. I think Joshua is glad we don't see many Texas football games because I think I might be losing my voice. Good or bad, I can't seem to sit on the couch and just watch. I have to scream at the TV, I have to jump up and down and I have to sing the fight song every time it gets played.

Well Texas made us proud and has pulled out a win when many (including the announcers) didn't think it would happen. HOOK 'EM HORNS!

(photo from SI Vault)


sam said...

amazingly, i also watched and really enjoyed the game. :)

joshntiff said...

that was a game even non-football fans could enjoy